Friday, 19 February 2010

Time flies ...

... when you are having fun. I guess few of us would dispute that - weekends go so much quicker than week days; the run up to Christmas Eve (and the night before itself) creep slowly along compared to the frenzied fun of the big day (for children in particular!) Holidays slip by so fast - unless you are at home waiting for someone to come back... I could go on.

Time also seems to fly when for whatever reason days begin to merge into one. Of course time itself is still moving at exactly the same rate -what's changed is our perception of it. And on reflection this perception has shifted dramatically on several occasions over the past months - weeks in particular - so very keen to blog about that later,

Meanwhile I feel the need to force something out regarding the past few days. It's not easy and good news is even as I am trying to do this the sleep fairy is sprinkling fairy sleep dust over my eyelids. Either that or the 10ml of Oramorph I took 20 minutes ago has been busy! I've just had a nice cup of tea too - we're gradually getting better organised - something to record here now perhaps as it requires less brain effort than a debate on perceptions of time!

On arrival home it was just wonderful to lie on my own bed bed - but now of course it has a memory foam topper making it higher and softer! It was wonderful to be back with the family as even when I sleep with them in the room (how rude!) I sleep better for just knowing they are there. At first I found the space very limited and really missed being able to have everything within reach. Then my mum suggested bringing a set of shelves down from the bathroom upstairs - perfect! Then Dave cleared everything I won't be needing for little while off my dressing table and into cupboards - more space!! We ordered the table that sits on/over the bed - suddenly life's essentials - in no particular order here - are within arm's length. I will list them and start over tomorrow on what's been occurring these past few days that's made time fly so...

I have to have a jug of iced water and glass next to me at all times. Guess it's the drugs but I am permanently thirsty. It also takes at least half a pint to swallow each dose of tablets - currently 27 tablets in total ( have feeling I may be repeating myself here - please bear with me! If not then it is deja vu -another side effect - kicking in!)

The little netbook as another essential - in ways I never imagined it would be. Keeping in touch - email, skype, msn, FB, this blog, the SSO forum. Even in hospital I felt included and that helps with the loneliness. It's going in for a chec up tomorrow (still having problems with "k") and I will miss it so much and need to find a substitute! My mobile is here too - I love the text messages I'm just sorry I rarely reply. Please forgive me - no offence intended - just not great at texting with an unfamiliar phone. I'll be in touch soon!

Then there are some books and magazines. I have no interest in books/magazines/DVDs (though the boxed set of Sex and the City is calling me...) or much else for that matter. But that doesn't mean I won't be one day soon so please keep them coming. I have some knitting here - done very little so far but Dave set me off on a new project this evening - more of that on what may develop into a bit of a parallel world type blog (the Teddys have been very busy....!)

Of course there are my drugs - not as many as I would like to see and I am sure the Battle of the Prescription will feature on here soon enough! And my machine that I regularly suck into to stretch my lungs.

There's a light - which hopefully dims enough so as not to disturb Ian (he seems to be in dreamland just now) and - utter bliss - always a Molton Browne candle burning (not at night obviously...) Thank you to Graham and Eden for such generosity.

A soft hairbrush; eight hour cream and lip protector; moisturiser; bio oil - all designed to stop me looking like a wrinkled prune (albeit one with excellent posture). My brace without which I must not walk even as far as the toilet, my glasses (ones for with the contact lenses, ones for without...) fruit, dried fruit, chocolate, pens, paper, thank you cards (when I have read all your lovely cards they go on display and I do plan to respond eventually...)

I could probably go on but anyone considering surgery might lie to bear these suggestions in mind.

Well - time to rearrange the memory foam wedge (what a great investment) and try to sleep a bit longer. Exciting day tomorrow - lots to blog about and a PlayStation lesson" Hoping to see some friends especially now that the Clinical Nurse Specialist has suggested this is a good idea to keep me smiling. Text me if you are up for a short visit and don't forget you'll be the one boiling the kettle (though the flas served its purpose tonight)

Hope you are all sleeping well

Lots of love

Linda xxxxxxxxxx

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