Thursday, 25 February 2010

Good Early Night

For once I am not blogging in the wee small hours. It's 21.06 and will be interesting to see what time I finish this. I definitely don't feel a long blog within me - just a desire to sleep (preferably following a soak in a hot bath and glass of wine...)

But I'm so grateful to those of you who are following the blog. Do you know the first thing I do in the morning is reach for my netbook? I sit here with a cup of tea (Ian makes it if he is around - otherwise I use the flask I have here for the night) and your messages cheer me up so much. If Ian is here I often read them out to him and feel so encouraged.

A few of you have kindly asked when is a good time to call or visit. Good news is I do now have a phone - by my bed - so calls will be much easier. We can also use the phones as intercoms round the house - a good investment. Text first and please don't be offended if I don't reply - there are a myriad reasons why I may not be able to...

With regard to visiting - impossible to know when is good. And again please text/call as I would hate you to have a wasted journey. I do want to see you all (even those of you I have never met!) but to put things in context other than family I have only had a handful of brief visits. And those lovely people can testify to me having spoken nonsense or fallen asleep whilst they were here!

Because I sleep badly the day begins early with drugs at 6am. A cup of tea then more drugs at 8am including the morphine which means I can usually sleep for a few hours. More tea, some cereal, then a shower and hairwash after which I am so exhausted I usually need oromorph and more sleep!

More drugs at 12, a yoghurt perhaps, then a snooze. Tea and oromorph at 3pm then I try to read or something - perhaps this is the best time to visit maybe?

I should go for a walk but the weather is so awful. I eat something about 6, take more drugs, lie down till the dose of morphine at 8 then read/write till bedtime drugs at 10. You usually hear about the night time activity when I blog in the small hours!

Not a very inspiring or brave post today. It has been rubbish. I seem to have strained something internally which has made the ribs most painful, and I have oral thrush back again.

So just pray for a good nights sleep I think - thank you xxx

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