Saturday, 6 February 2010

Update from Australia!

Hello everyone!

Well...this is all very clever! I am on the other side of the world but I have an update on Mum's progress! She text me at 2pm Auzzie time (which is about 3am over the pond!) as she wasn't sleeping very well...being the only patient in the Intensive Care unit, the lovely nurse allowed me to call her on her mobile! :o)

She sounded very groggy and a bit out of it - like you do after a few too many drinks! (sorry Mum, when you read this! :p) but that's down to all the strong painkillers she's on at the moment. It was great to speak to her & I can't believe she's already been standing up! It sounds like the surgery went perfectly and for the next few weeks it's all about pain control and the slow healing process...

It sounds like the "hospital" (hotel!!) is amazing and she told me how she's been eating some nice meals and as I was on the phone the nurse brought her a lovely hot cup of tea! :o)

Being on the other side of the world when Mum is going through something like this is reeeaaaallly hard but i've realised it's a blessing in disguise as when she can't sleep at night, there is always someone to talk to on the other side of the world! :o)

I will update the blog soon when I speak to Mum again but I just want to say a massive thank you for all your support and kind messages the past few weeks - she really does have great friends and without you, I don't know how she'd have got through the difficult patches!

Lots of love, Rachie xxxxx

p.s - Well done to David for his little update - keep them coming! :o) xxxx


  1. Thanks Rachie. You're a star. So pleased that Linda is mending well. Am checking in every day to catch up on how she's doing. Again, loads of love to you all. xx

  2. on her feet already? nothing keeps that lady down!
    thanks for your updates Rachie & David. You as a family as well as Linda herself are daily in my prayers and thoughts.
    Pete K

  3. How wonderful :-) Had no idea she'd be standing up already - visions of her laid on her back unable to do anything except stare at a screen for the next two weeks!
    Thanks for the update, and love to you all xx

  4. Thanks Rachie and David. What great news that Linda is standing up, and getting such great care. Sending love and prayers to you all xxx

  5. do pass love, prayer and best wishes on to Linda! hope it's still going well!

  6. Great to see updating the blog Rachie, though kinda bizarre given your location ;-) Glad to hear Linda's doing well and that she's got someone to talk to in the early hours of the morning.

  7. So glad to see the updates... and to hear that Linda has been on her feet already. Unbelievable! Love to you all
    Sarah B xx

  8. All sounds very positive. Thanks for the updates. Sarah W x