Monday, 15 February 2010

Just a quick one...

The past couple of posts have been very long winded and very much of the "therapeutic" variety. More of those to come no doubt as I get everything out of my system and down onto virtual paper. Slept incredibly well after writing at 2am so obviously a good time to write uninterrupted.
This however is just a quick practical update - should be home tomorrow and as with any decent hotel (!) rooms need to be vacated by 11am.
I cannot wait - I thought I would be nervous about the move home but hadn't realised how quickly I would be able to wash and dress independently. It will be lovely to be closer to the family (and animals!) and many friends and to sleep in my own bed - will I recognise it however as it now has a brand new memory foam topper?!
I'm going to get stuck into those boxed sets too - remember me mentioning Lost? 24? Desperate Housewives? etc? If you can help please get in touch - but be careful about anything side-splittingly funny (ouch...)
As soon as I am off the morphine I can have half a glass of wine (I'll still be on dihydrocodeine, paracetomal and diazepam...) so looking forward to many of you dropping in for that - or to make me a cup of tea! I will need to get out of my 3am chocolate habit if I'm not to pile on the pounds - it's been my preferred way of taking away the taste of the morphine!
Sarah's already chosen me a temporary wardrobe - stretchy trousers, loose tops and sensible footwear ;-) The fantastic news is the full body brace has been downgraded to a black "belt" which whilst it is never going to be a top seller at Agent Provocateur at least tightens my tummy as it supports my spine - who needs Magic Knickers - sorry M and S!
So - today. All about tidying up my room (not me though - still NO bending/ stooping/lifting/housewor for at least three months) which has to include re-reading the dozens of lovely cards (and maybe finishing some of the chocolates....). One more sleep in this bed which I have finally started to have fun in. And before you raise your eyebrows I just mean I've discovered the buttons which raise and lower other bits of it - bit lie a magic carpet ride!
One or two visitors this afternoon - sorry I've not been up to seeing many people - it really is impossible to describe the grim-ness of those early days when it really was family-only. I'd love to welcome you to my home - it is oh so easy from Central London (Croxley Station on the Metropolitan Line then a three or four minute walk). Just call or text in advance if you are coming any distance as I think I will still be sleeping a lot for a few weeks yet.
I'm bound to be bored so please don't forget me even if LookingforLinda is no longer on your daily reading list! Keep emailing and texting me, forward me funny jokes and all the news etc. If we're not Facebook Friends please add me and maybe I'll start to Tweet (again!)
The journey is far from over but it is definitely entering a new phase - and so soon! Thank you so much for sticking with me so far!
Linda xxx


  1. just caught up on the last three days blogging. You made me smile. In all sorts of ways - sometimes with a tear in the eye sometimes a chuckle out loud - you really have written here just like I remember you are - it's very generous of you in a way. Keep us in touch with how the recovery goes and go well, safe and tall! I'll catch up with you one day and see for myself the new you :-)

  2. indeed you will Mr Kelsall - one thing I have been bad at doing is commenting back but perhaps now is as good a time as any to tell you just how much your comments, messages and prayers have meant to me. I look forward to sharing a glass of shiraz with you very soon, than you xx

  3. Hi Linda, Great news that you'll be going home tomorrow. Hope the journey isn't too difficult/painful and don't forget to take Daniel with you ;)

  4. So pleased you'll be home in time for Pancake Day! ;0) xxx

  5. and Dave is well and truly in charge of Pancakes! His absolute speciality and has been out to buy toppings etc - can't wait! xxx