Saturday, 13 February 2010

Pictures - not for everyone!

Here we go - a few pictures to illustrate what this was all about. X rays which demonstrate how it was all achieved should be available later on.

Many of you said that you hadn't noticed a problem with my back (though many of you did of course notice the TSE machine!)

I dressed with care - due to the curve my spine was scrunched up and I was very short waisted, I therefore chose longer tops. My chest area was lop sided so balanced by my endless supply of scarves - with beads to draw attention away from the "discrepancy". I wore dark colours to neutralise the curved area, with my favourite purples, pinks, bright blues and reds, to again draw the eye away from the increasing rib hump. I always wore a jacket or at least a cardigan - preferably a chunky one. Summer was a challenge -never wanting to be seen in a bikini, straps slipping down - and evening wear always a disappointment...

In comparison to my short body my long legs seemed longer so I played on that with a collection of killer heels - the pinnacle of which has to have been the sparkly purple platforms I wore at Christmas and my favourite suede stiletto boots - oh to wear those again!

My wonderful daughter Sarah shopped for me today and found the most stylish clothes she could that I hope to be able to put on in the coming weeks - joggers, loose tops and - to follow - trainers! After that I am looking forward to buying some fitted tops, an evening dress and a beautiful bikini! (have to work on the tummy muscles first though!)

No more prevaricating though - here are the pics. I am a little bit embarrassed but I want everyone (who wants to) to see what an amazing miracle Mr Tucker and Doctor Kofi have wrought. I am in awe of these guys and have no way of expressing my gratitude to them.

The morning of the op - note the rather fetching electrodes glued to my scalp ready for monitoring during the five hour surgery. The tattoo was an attempt to draw attention away from the curvature...

This evening - what a difference a week makes! Previously the curvature was only going to get worse - it had deteriorated to 66 degrees. Now it is stable due to the spinal fusion from T2 to L3 (remember your biology?!) But the real miracle has been wrought by the anterior thoracotomy which has removed a rib and rotated my spine. A seven inch scar under my right arm and it hurts like **** but that will get easier.

Already I can feel my breathing improving - I knew that I never really had asthma! And I am about 5'6" - sorry Dave I am taller than you again.

I honestly see this as a modern day miracle. There is a long way to go and the past couple of days have been full of pain and tears as I have been more conscious. But thank you all for your support in so many ways - I am sorry if I never get around to writing to you personally. You know who you are and thank you.

I still don't feel up to visitors other than family and very closest friends - sorry. But I will be home soon and very pleased to welcome you there so that you can make me a cup of tea! I warn you however I still have a habit of crying or falling asleep on visitors - great hostess huh?

Going to drift into another morphine induced doze now - please let me know what you think, and if you have clicked on this by mistake I hope that you have not found the photos inappropriate ...

Sweet dreams all

Linda xxxx


  1. I just posted a comment but it must have got lost in between pressing "post" and landing on your page....doh!! Your photos look amazing!! When I get back we have lots of shopping to do! So proud of you lots xxxxxxxx

  2. Linda you look fantastic. What an amazing difference. I am sure that the pain has been a nightmare, but now seeing the result, you must be delighted. Well done you. Big hugs and loads of love. Can't wait to see you. xxx

  3. Zmazing, Linda - truly Amazing Linda!!
    No wonder you hurt so much - not just all the internal chopping and rebuilding - but there's half your skeleton getting used to a new posture and new strains, weight bearing, joint positions.... So much has changed and has to get used to it. I'm well impressed with what you've had done and the people wot dunnit. Onwards and upwards! Px

  4. Wow Linda, you look amazing (well from the back view anyway!) And you are taller than me!! xxx

  5. Glad to hear it's still going well despite the pain. Enjoy the morphine while you can as hopefully you'll never have the chance to experience it with a clear conscience. :-D

  6. It really is a modern day miracle and sounds like the surgeons are the best out there! Look forward to seeing you soon xxxx

  7. The pictures are incredible Linda - don't know what else to say. Hx

  8. Linda, I've just taken a look at the photo's. It really is a miracle. I just pray the pain will start to reduce so that you can tolerate it with only a little drug help. I know you'll feel better with that too. Take care and keep going... we're all routing for you!
    Much love, Angela xx