Sunday, 28 March 2010

Better day

Today's image is hopefully rather more cheerful and appetising than yesterday's? I keep meaning to take some more photos myself but the options are a tad limited just now - though I realise I've not really posted a pic of this room - or of my lovely displays of cards which have in fact grown since I first mentioned them. Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who has sent me a card - they really cheer the room up. Meanwhile with apologies for copywrite infringement I have again stolen this from Google.

The stolen image - of the glass of wine - illustrates the fact that Ian and I went to the pub this afternoon. Locals will know it - the Scotsbridge Mill - and very pleasant it is too. Very convenient too after another trip to Waitrose again in the hope that I may see and suddenly fancy something (the Daniel Craig jokes are a bit boring now - we are of course talking about food, especially since I lost 4lb last week - people would pay to lose weight at the rate I am doing...)

Ian and I had chatted about whether it might be nice to have a glass of wine. The doctor, anaesthetist and pharmacist had all said that nothing I am taking meant I really cannot drink. That's not what the labels on the boxes say though! I wondered if it might cheer me up, improve my appetite, make me believe that life is or will at some point return to normality.

In the end though I bottled it. A cloudy apple juice and a packet of crisps. Guess I'm just nervous about the drink/drug combo. Besides - I've pretty much told people I'm teetotal these days and let's face it I'm a cheap date :-)

Ian cooked a great dinner which I ate in the comfort of my bed with a hot water bottle behind my back - having sat for way too long this afternoon. And we watched the final of Dancing on Ice. Am I the only one who prefers this to Strictly and thinks it deserves a Saturday night slot? Torvill and Dean's new version of Bolero was mind blowing. The only thing that spoilt the show for me was the sheer cruelty of making all three finalists dress in their Bolero outfits when only two were going to perform - how disappointing must that have been? Oh - that and the lovely Holly's dress. I truly admire her but what was going on with those shoulder straps? Up or down? would have been better snipped off I reckon. And sorry but the colour did nothing for her.

Who I am I to talk - proud of myself when I get out of my nightie and into joggers and some kind of t shirt. Sorry Holly - love you really - not that you are reading this of course. Guess you are at the Wrap Party as I see it's Eammon and his fiancée on This Morning tomorrow - will be timing my nap accordingly.

Ian is back at work tomorrow. We are organised- another important step forward in coping. Plan is to go to the post office on my own. Perhaps during This Morning in fact? Have bought nice rolls etc to make lunch and Dave has been instructed to leave only one cupful of water in the kettle or I cannot lift it (imagining 999 call here - help I cannot lift my kettle and I am dying for a cup of tea...)

Waffling when should be starting to snooze - early alarm in the morning. Lovely to speak to you all and do please reply in whatever way you like best...

Night night xxx


  1. You really must try harder with the wine!!! I am certainly not going to drink on my own when we have our evenings out!!! And I am not becoming teetotal to join you!!!
    Give me Strictly any day. I turned over from Dancing on Ice, I got fed up with it! Flying around on a wire really isn't ice dancing!!! Maybe if Brendan took part I might change my mind!!
    Much love

  2. Couldn't agree more on the DOI, much better than Strictly! And also on Holly's dress ; )
    I was glad Hayley won, that Bollywood dance from a few weeks ago was incredible.

    Hope you're having a good day today, always look forward to seeing how you are each morning.
    Lots of love xXx