Monday, 8 March 2010

So the rest of Monday...

... wasn't much fun :-(

Pain is shocking - so much so I called up the Spinal Nurse at the Wellington for advice. She's suggested spreading the sustained release morphine tablets through the day a little - to try and keep on top of things. She also reassured me again that it is early days and if absolutely necessary I should take some oromorph rather than sit and cry my eyes out the way I have done the past few days :-(

The reassuring thing about talking to this nurse - Mini - is that she works with the spinal surgeons on a regular basis, rather than being based on a ward. So she has seen it all before and can reassure me that things will get better. Many of the nurses on the ward were familiar with spinal surgery but few had seen surgery quite as huge as this and certainly since coming home every doctor and nurse (as well as friends and family!) that has seen the scars has reacted with amazement ;-)

It's not just the pain though. I feel constantly sick. That may be to do with the drugs, it may be associated with the constipation. Whatever the reason it is horrid, I've no appetite and food tastes pretty horrid. Ian has bought me another dozen "value" toothbrushes along with some mouthwash and the oral thrush seems to be under control - this is just nasty.

I'm not exactly bored - which I find suprising. Someone asked me today what I do all day and the answer is pretty much nothing. I check my netbook regularly and the frequent messages really do cheer me up - I am just sorry I rarely reply. I'm determined to get dressed and do my hair/make up each day - that takes a while. Eating - or trying to eat - is another painfully slow process. I try to go for a little walk, maybe make a phone call. The TV tends to be on in the background and I have magazines to dip into. But it is impossible to concentrate on anything and very few things keep my interest.

I think I have said this before but I look forward to reading this story in months to come so I am determined to keep writing even when - as today - things feel a bit low. Tomorrow is another day.

Night night and love to you all

Linda xxx


  1. Had a bit of fun with my profile photo today to brighten your day. Doesn't seem to have worked yet but you'll like the follower you've acquired when it kicks in ;-)

  2. "Brighten" my day? It's made my day - I am assuming that is my new boss then? Can't wait to get back to the office...! Or have you just been working out at the gym more regularly?

  3. just spent some time reading up on what i missed while away with poor interweb connection this weekend.
    Not at all sure about the teddy bear thing... never had one myself - what a deprived childhood!
    But eh curry in bed.... I mean... the curry in bed, now that's given me ideas!!!!!
    had a pop into the facebook group and seeing the pictures of peeps in plaster casts brought some horrible memories back from nearly 30 years ago!

    Still reading, praying, 'with you'

  4. Thanks guys - have missed you Pete - where you been? (I should probably check Facebook - I currently have the memory span of a goldfish...) And dare I ask what horrible memories have been brought back? Sorry about that. Pleased to hear the curry idea got you thinking though!

    Now - about the Teddy Bear thing... hehehe! There are some little people following my blog and enjoying the Teddy Tales. My co-author/editor/photographer has some very creative ideas we are working on together which can only be fun. But most of all - storytelling, sub-plots, parables - there have been many times when they've helped me understand - or explain - things that are difficult to express. Not just here of course but as time has gone on I've found the Teddies to be an increasingly useful and friendly bunch when I've been stuck for how to say something.

    They may well have something more to say tomorrow - keep listening!

    And thank you for being there. x

  5. Hello Linda, so sorry to read you are in so much pain. I cannot imagine what the pain is like but I am trying. It has been confirmed my surgery should go ahead all being well in May (eeek!) Time is such a healer and I must share with you that I have just been swimming with a lady who had a similar back operation 18 months ago and she was bombing up and down the pool today! There will be light at the end of the tunnel. Hang on in there. Kaz xx

  6. Hi Linda, Sorry for the absence of comments of late....and for the fact I haven't managed a visit yet. Will let you know as soon as I'm up to coming over. Hopefully very soon!!! Take care and hope the pain starts to ease off. Sarah x