Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Hello, it's Boofle here. Just a very quick post as I am not really into this blogging thing but something has been bugging me and I need to get things straight.

I know that one or two of you find the whole Teddy thing a bit odd - isn't this supposed to be Linda's blog? Well I think she's done her best to explain why we're on here too. (Though I am actually not sure that she has told you all that deep down she has aspirations to be a childrens' author and is therefore really enjoying writing the stories...look out J K Rowling....!)

But today it is my turn to reveal something very significant indeed. I am not a Teddy Bear. I'm not sure how everyone managed to miss this very important fact but it is true - I am a dog. Spotty - the Dalmation who joined us just the other day - pointed this out to everyone and I have to say it was good to feel that I could be myself and not have to keep pretending. But more than that - eveyone has been calling me Boogle when in fact I am Boofle. Linda realised that today when she went to buy some more thank you notes and - woo hoo - there were some with me on! You can see me proudly sitting by one in the photo above!

By the way, if you've still not got a letter from Linda then she promises she is trying hard to get them all done and who knows you may be lucky enough to get one with a picture of me on it!

I need to hand over to Linda - she has a lot to say today - but first of all I should just point out that we had some very nice visitors yesterday - you will see them in the photo I am about to post. We all love having visitors and just wish Linda felt up to seeing people - her friends are fun and bring nice things to eat and drink. But I am sure it won't be long before she's calling you all up and asking you to come round and keep her company....

Here you can see us all with our visitors. They came with NannyAnne who is here most days, helping out in all sorts of ways. She changes the sheets, makes cups of tea and lunches, tidies up and cleans and sometimes even sits and does the Sudoku!

NannyAnne has the biggest collection of Teddies in the world I think- which may be where Linda gets her love of us (Teddies and dogs!) from :-)

As you can see we were all keen to get around the laptop and catch up on the blog...

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