Tuesday, 2 March 2010

No blog today...

... yesterday's was way too long and heavy and I don't want to put you all off!!

I'll give you a chance to read that one - if you would like to - to comment or get back to me, and then I will try to find something short and sweet to say later on.

I am thinking some more pictures may be in order - if the black dress arrives we may just have to arrange a photo shoot!

Linda xx


  1. Sorry to have been away from your blog for a few days, and so sorry to read how dreadfully everything is still hurting :-(
    I don't think you should have to apologise for being either long or heavy: just forgive some of us if we aren't sure exactly what to say in reply to it all, and remember it doesn't mean that people are not reading or listening or don't care (because I know from reading on here and elsewhere that loads of people genuinely do and think so much of you :-))..... ;-)

    Hugs and prayers as always (and especially for some respite for this pain and a decent night's sleep for you) dear Linda xxx

  2. As someone has already said, people dont always know what to say-me included.
    I read everyday Linda-I cant resist!
    I really hope you have a more comfortable day.
    Sending best wishes to you

  3. Are you going to invite Gok Wan to the photo shoot? Keep smiling Linda. K xx