Tuesday, 2 March 2010

A Different Sort of Day

The past few days have been pretty horrid. The middle of last night was possibly the lowest point so far. I completely lost it with the pain, cried my eyes out and sobbed as Ian had to get up and fiddle around with the oromorph in order for me to find any relief and a few hours sleep. Whenever I see him draw up that syringe I am awfully glad he doesn't have to inject it by the way... his hands are shaking waaaay too much!

But then suddenly this morning things improved. Have some of you lovely people been praying or pouring forth your positive vibes? For the first time I did what my lovely friend Jen in Australia describes as "resting comfortably."

The mattress felt soft - I couldn't feel the rods or screws. The pillows supported my back and neck just nicely. I fancied a bowl of cereal and Ian dressed it up with fresh strawberries (ohhhh - sorry about the air miles from Spain) and thick strawberry yoghurt.

I lay in bed for a while then had a nice shower with strawberry shower gel (I am detecting a theme here...) and washed my hair. Ian had changed all the sheets and I sank back into them with a hot water bottle and watched This Morning. (with Holly and Philip too - so prefer them as presenters...) Added bonus - beautiful Boyzone and a tribute to Steven Gately (shed a few tears there mind...)

Then Ian had the inspired idea that we go for a little outing. The sun was in the sky so why oh why would we want to do anything else? Beautiful blue sky and what was almost a lovely drive - except (are you listening whichever council is responsible??!!) for the potholes. Every single one jarred my spine, the rods, the screws - aaaaaaargh!

Anyways we ended up going for a lovely drink. It's going to be a lot harder in future deciding what I want to drink as it's no longer "small (!) glass of dry white wine please..." I'd opted for a J2O only to discover they were not stocked but had some nice orange and cranberry thing with a slice of lime and a cheeky bowl of chips - nice ;-)

Took a photo (thanks to a very understanding and helpful young man) as wanted to prove when we are sat together I am now as tall as Ian! Then decided it could be "competition of the day" - where are we?! Comment with your suggestions and winner gets erm....a round of applause! If you have no idea then I'll post a clue in the next post ;-)

Home now, Dave's back from school and has a friend coming over for dinner. Woo hoo - some semblance of normailty returns! I am going to try and watch a DVD (euphemism for I am going to sleep for 90 minutes...)

Hopefully you have enjoyed reading this more cheerful post as much as I have enjoyed writing it - perhaps - we hope - a corner has been turned.

Lots and lots of love and thanks again for all those prayers and positive thoughts

Linda xxx


  1. So glad you had a better day, really hope you have turned a corner. The pain sounds unbearable and although you may not feel it, you are being extremely brave. Take care Julie x

  2. I second that comment - you're incredibly brave - and now look at you - in a pub with chips and a drink (OK not a real drink but most of the way there).
    There's two amazing people in this photo I reckon going through the same thing in different ways.
    One day this will be history.
    My prayers continue for you and all the family.

  3. Outrageous! Sitting in 'my' coffee corner too! Glad to hear you've been up and about. Hope you gave the lads' coach a wave off! x

  4. Thanks all for your comments and how about we plan a return visit soon to what will have to be "our" coffee corner from now on?! Julie - would you (and Kim who commented on the other post) like to join us?! Pete - you are always welcome - anytime, anywhere!
    I reckon it will be time for a real drink soon enough :-)