Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Visiting a different kind of centre...

So today we didn't go to the Pond Place or the Garden Centre - much to Ian's delight we went instead to the Harlequin Centre. I'm a "Premium Club" member and consequently had a lot of vouchers for M and S about to expire...

Thankfully Sarah came too, it was like having a personal shopper with me as she picked out a nice pair of comfy black linen trousers and a very on trend nautical top, whilst walking along carrying my coat, bag etc :-) Nice to have something to wear other than my three pairs of joggers... just need to feel like going somewhere to wear something a little bit smart now.

It was time to sort out some new underwear too (turn way now if too much information) - my body having changed shape rather dramatically post-op. The lady in the fitting room was very chatty, very attentive and very interested in my op - I guess these scars are going to be a talking point for some time to come!

Trying on just a few items and I was absolutely shattered so we adjourned to the Cafe. We go there a lot - Premium Club customers get one heck of a lot of vouchers for the Cafe as part of the deal - but usually on a Saturday when it is packed. I'd often wondered how you managed to get a seat on the comfy looking leather sofa and discovered the answer is to visit at 5pm on a Tuesday...

Sarah is still here and cooked a delicious dinner but there is no doubt the reduction in painkillers has made a big difference. I've laid in bed all evening doing precisely nothing. No interest in TV, the book I'm reading, knitting or putting anything on here. Sounds incredibly dull and boring but surprisingly not - just trying to keep the pain at bay is enough to be getting on with.

One nice piece of news is that Keegan has definitely decided she likes Sarah. She has - for the first time - been to snuggle on her lap this evening. Hopefully the feeling is mutual and Sarah's body language actually does mean "I love you too". Very nice to have Sarah staying again :-)

Someone asked what we have planned for tomorrow. Impossible to say really - so much depends on the pain. Can't deny I long for it to be gone but have to accept that is likely to be a while away yet.

Night night


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