Monday, 29 March 2010

Cuddles from Keegan

Taking pics with a camera phone isn't easy is it? It's especially not easy when you are lying on your back, in pain and dopey from painkillers...

So I took a fair number of pics when I was trying to sum up this morning (not This Morning the tv show... as previously discussed it was Eammon and that lady today, not Phil and Holly...). Rather I was trying to sum up what it was like lying in bed this morning. Most of the pics are horrid. I have a pained expression on my face, the inch long roots are now clearly visible, and my nightie I have grown to hate. So this is the best of the bunch and rather sweet I think it is too as it does show the way in which Keegan spent the morning cuddling me...

Unfortunately I then got up for a shower and to make some lunch and - bless her - she simply would not leave me alone. Weaving between my legs and licking my toenails (she seems to love the bright red...) I was terrified I was going to trip over her and fall over. I knew too that as soon as I put my lunch on the bed and attempted to get comfy she would start to nibble the rocket. It all got too much and a. I shouted at her b. I burst into tears because I shouted at her :-(

Disaster as she looked at me - shocked - then lay out in an appealing sort of way on the bed as if to say "how can you not love me...?" But I wasn't to be won over that easily and before long she had hidden behind the bedroom curtain - clearly in a sulk.

We made up - eventually - I have a supply of Whiskas Temptations for such moments - the feline equivalent of kissing and making up I guess. But it was rather sad that I'd had such a massive falling out with my main companion for the day. Wondering if perhaps I need to remove my toenail varnish? That would be a shame - it cheers me up.

Didn't get out until Ian got home - a brisk walk to the post office just in time to catch the post for an important parcel. Back home for a jacket potato and Monday night soap fest. Just watched the last Married Single Other which is good as it gives me a legitimate reason to cry. That little boy is so adorable... and such a good actor.

Bottom line today is my back aches and my scar is bl**dy painful. In fact all of them are. I'm wondering if the Tiger Balm caught it at some point yesterday. Going to disappear now and get Ian to rub some Bio Oil into it and see if that helps.

Not a very exciting blog - sorry about that. Please do send me your news - it has to be more interesting than mine at the moment...

Night night xxx


  1. hahaha awwww!!! so cute...and I could picture the scene as I read it! Glad you've made up - you can't stay mad at that little ball of fluff for long...lots of cuddles for you both! Hope the Tiger Balm is working
    love you lots xxxxxx

  2. Where would we be without our furry companions?
    Hubby and I are constantly discussing how our little doggy(my baby) will join me on the bed after sugery-she wont be without me!
    Have to get some sort of step sorted for her soon.

    Hope theres no falling out today!

    Take care-must chat again soon.
    Sarah xx

  3. We watched the final episode of Married Single Other last night too - and I have to admit I shed a few tears myself.

    Look forward to catching up properly soon.

    Sarah x