Thursday, 25 March 2010

New Clothes

I think we're all pretty much agreed that a new outfit can make all the difference to how we feel. It was good to get out yesterday and I am really grateful to Sarah for helping me choose how to spend my M and S vouchers.

As yet I don't have a photo of me in my smart new linen trousers and nautical top but I suddenly remembered someone else had a new outfit that had not yet been shown off. In fact I was flicking through some photos from other friends with scoliosis and seeing their Teddies (you really cannot get through this surgery without soft toys for company) when I realised the Teddies here haven't had a mention for a while - I will have to correct that soon.

Meanwhile as a "taster" here we have Teddy Nigel in his new jumper - no longer branded by his purple T Shirt and, I have to say, possibly not looking too happy about it. Maybe it will take some getting used to...Personally I think it is rather fetching.

Perhaps some more proper blogging later - not much planned for today as very sad to be missing an event at work that I had really hoped to be well in time for. When the date was announced and I'd realised it was seven weeks post op it had never occurred to me that I would still be in bed and in so much pain. I had hoped to turn up, see lots of friends and colleagues, enjoy a number of very gentle hugs and perhaps even sip a glass of white wine... guess I am learning to be patient but not very patiently.

Anyway - morning morphine has kicked in so time for a nap. Laters xxx

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