Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Tough day

Hi everyone,
This will be brief as I am exhausted. Ian was off work today and we decided to go and visit a very close family friend who is in hospital very poorly. We needed to go the bank first and the trip to Ricky provided a twenty minute walk up and down the High Street so we went from there directly to pick Dave up and head for the hospital.
A lovely visit - everyone pleased to see everyone, but cannot deny the half hour drive and forty minute sit on a hospital chair was tough on my back. We called in on my mum on the way home and I must have been the most antisocial visitor ever as I sat on her sofa with my freshly filled hot water bottle.
Another half hour drive - even with pillows and the hot water bottle the potholes and traffic got to me. Had been out five and a half hours and came straight home to bed. Dave really knows the routine now - where to put the pillows including one under my knees - and exact position for the hot water bottle.
No dinner, not even a cup of tea :-( Just some juice and fruit and nut mix I could nibble lying down. Was determined to stay awake so I get a good nights sleep and that's the plan for five minutes time!
Guess I achieved a lot and it was a worthwhile day. Be interesting to see how things are tomorrow especially as I have a GP appointment and probably another conversation re cutting down the pills....
Oh well, made a change from watching people chop veg...would only have made me feel guilty about not getting my five a day today anyway :-)

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