Friday, 12 March 2010


I remember saying that a lot when I was working! It's still important now though as it does mean for the next couple of days Dave will be around - and Ian has tomorrow off. I am a bit cross that he has to work on Mother's Day but looking forward to Sarah and Paul coming over and making us something nice to eat - us including my own mum and brother to thank them for their help and support over the past few weeks. More of Mother's Day on Sunday I am sure - for now it is Friday.

Good news is whilst I did wake twice in the night last night I did not need to take the Oromorph. The slow release Voltarol and double dose of morphine seemed to do the trick. I was also less stiff and sore this morning, when of course I still had another dose of slow release Voltarol to look forward to!

A bit of a lazy day today to be honest. Read a bit having given in and ordered a box full of chick lit from Amazon. I am currently reading a book entitled "Let's meet on Platform8" and finding it fascinating and amusing how many of the landmarks and train times I recognise at Euston Station. Names and details have been changed for obvious reasons but yes I have used those toilets and drunk in that pub. Clearly this is a very worrying sign - both that this is the level of literature I am currently engaging with and that I care about such trivia. Blame the drugs - might as well - they seem to be to blame for everything else...

... especially of course the erm... "lavatorial issues" not to mention the fight against oral thrush valiantly being fought with the aid of Asda's 5p toothbrushes rather than yet more medication. I do suspect the drugs are also to blame for my appallingly miserable state of mind and lack of desire to do anything or see anyone. If it is not the drugs then we do have a problem as I am not going to be much fun or company once back in circulation - assuming I ever am!

Having said that, I was sad to miss my dear friend Lara's birthday meal and drinks at a favourite Italian in Ricky this evening. I'd been thinking perhaps I may get along for half a glass of something fizzy and rumour has it a chair was saved for me. Believe me if I could have made it there I would have done ladies but instead I raised my mug of peppermint tea to your very good health ;-)

Looks like you were having fun anyway ladies - if in the dark! ;-)

That's it for another day I think - thanks for all your messages. Hoping for some reasonable weather tomorrow as definitely feeling the need to get out and about a bit more - a stroll to the corner shop maybe?

Have to just finish by saying how totally in awe I am this evening of Christine Bleakley - I suspect she may even ache somewhere near as much as I do!

Night night


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