Thursday, 18 March 2010


... I will blog.

I will also try and reply to some of the many lovely emails waiting in my inbox.

I am also going to get back to writing some more letters as I bought some lovely new notelets when we visited a local garden centre today.

That is the sort of list that used to take me till around 10am. Bearing in mind I also have to factor in at least a couple of hours for shower/hair wash/getting dressed/make up/pill taking and another couple for the time it takes me to slowly chew my food in the hope I may manage to eat and digest something that is now looking like one very ambitious day!

I usually have a good hours nap in the morning and another late afternoon so quite how I fit it all in I am not sure but I am going to give it a go!

By the way and whilst writing - someone commented to me this week on how my hair has grown. Those of you that I did not see just pre-op may not know that I had it cut short in the hope of making it more manageable - though you may have noticed from the photos I have posted. Well - the big challenge now is how to deal with the "growth" and I am open to creative ideas bearing in mind I can bend my back neither backwards nor forwards over a sink or bath. We do have a couple of ideas up our sleeve but if anyone has any advice it would be very gratefully received...

For now - good night and will blog tomorrow. Definitely. xxx

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