Monday, 22 March 2010


... as feared, reducing the dose of dihydrocodeine by half at just lunchtime and early evening had a dramatic efffect.

Only this morning I was basking in the warmth of so many lovely messages saying how much more positive I - that is the blog - has been sounding. It was impossible to believe that I and the author of those posts were one and the same person as I lay on my back this afternoon fighting back (nah - tell it as it is - succumbing to ) the tears and grateful I'd bought fresh packs of ten on the outing to Waitrose at the weekend.

As ever Dave was a star - hugs and hand holding are what you need in these situations. Lovely to have the big kids here too tonight - missing Rachie though. Hope she is reading this and booting up Skype!

Once I'd had the evening dose of morphine things settled down. I need to keep reminding myself how fortunate I am - especially when I hear of other friends whose surgery and post-op recovery has been complicated. I am in good hands, healing well, with loads of support from family and friends. The living room ceiling is getting plastered tomorrow (can't say I'm not jealous...) so we may escape - Sarah and I having suggested to Ian that the Harlequin rather than a Garden Centre may make a nice change :-)

So hopefully a decent night's sleep ahead - can but dream!

Much love to you all

Linda xxx

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