Monday, 8 March 2010

Sunday Monday

Monday morning - and the sun is shining. Great not having to face the commute - how will I ever cope with it again?! Not too great being stuck indoors and wondering if maybe - just maybe - I might get out for a tiny little walk later - we shall see... Over optimism and and ambition have already been my downfall this weekend...

My Blog Editor aka Dave has just been reading yesterday's entry and pointed out that whilst it is a good catch upon what we did Saturday it does still leave Sunday as something of a vacuum. Oops!

Perhaps that is for the best however as there is no doubt at all yesterday was one of the lowest days to date. I developed a pain in my left lower back which frankly had me in tears and back on the oromorph - I simply couldn't function. A warm shower didn't help at all and when my lovely friend Graham arrived all the way from Haywards Heath for a visit I was still sitting wrapped in a towel, no hair or make up done, crying my eyes out. Don't tell him - please! Someone made him a cup of tea and before too long No 7 had done its stuff but even so our conversation was carried out with me flat on my back!

Which is how most of the rest of the day was spent to be honest. I must have sat up at some point to blog about Saturday and I did have a very nice dinner but even Stardust couldn't keep my attention so it was a lot more painkillers and an earlyish night.

This blog seems to be revolving around pain levels and the number of hours sleep I manage. A tad boring I guess and a few people have asked when are things going to change? The honest truth is that things are unlikely to differ significantly until we get past the six weeks mark - another fortnight to go then. One milestone this week is a follow up chat and x rays with the consultant Mr Tucker when I get news on how things are progressing in there. Nerve wracking stuff...

After that I will hopefully begin to "potter" and the plan remains to go back to work after 12 weeks.

Other than these statistics I'll have to look for other ways to make the blog more interesting. There are some things I am assuming would simply be Too Much Information but I'll be looking out for any amusing anecdotes - or even links to external articles for those of you who are interested in knowing more about Scoliosis. I am starting to feel my campaigning streak itching as I realise more and more just how much ignorance there is about this condition. It may not be sexy or fashionable but it sure is painful, annoying and can have serious long term consequences so let's do all we possibly can to ensure young women (and occasionally men) no longer "slip through the net" in the way that I did.

Just heard there are severe delays on the Jubilee Line - ooooooh - I am so sorry to my lovely colleagues affected by these. I am going to take my morphine and snuggle up with a hot water bottle while I catch up on news from the Oscars.


Linda x

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  1. Hi Linda,
    It's good to hear how you're getting on - don't worry about the blog being boring! I think you're doing fantastically well, keep going!
    Also, in response to an earlier post, all the best people knit :)
    love Abi (Bryan) x