Monday, 22 March 2010

Down with the Drugs

Just a quick blog to say that I've seen my lovely GP today and she is understandably anxious about the huge quantities of controlled and Class A drugs that I continue to consume each week (still over 200 pills...)

And so the time has come to think about reducing them. Well not just to think exactly. To reduce them...

We had a nice little chat and I volunteered to come off the Voltarol - never much liked it anyway. But she was honest and said she really isn't that fussed about me taking it. I've also given up Oromorph but that is kind of cheating as haven't taken it for a week. I'm not taking any more lactulose since it started making me vomit so what's left? Well paracetamol of course but the bottom line is morphine, dihydrocodeine and diazepam are what really need to go. We've agreed it will be the dihydrocodeine first - and we'll just half the dose. But it still feels pretty scary to be reducing the analgesia when the pain wasn't quite under control before :-(

Mr Tucker assures me the physio and hydrotherapy will help with the pain.Meanwhile I have become chronically dependent upon my hot water bottle.

May blog again later if anything exciting happens. Was nice to bump into a friend in Ricky and have a chat - reminds me there's life outside these walls. I've written some more letters and even done some knitting - things looking up for sure.

Must go - am missing Countdown :-)


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