Thursday, 11 March 2010

Six Week Check-up- After 5 Weeks!

Hi everyone!

I'm lying flat on my back, well dosed up on drugs with a hot water bottle after the longest outing since my surgery, so I'm getting Dave to type this for me!

It's customary to have a six week check, for some reason I saw Mr Tucker today, 5 weeks post op. He is delighted with his handiwork. My scar is beautifully neat and healing well, he is the thrilled with the x-rays and all the staff at the hospital commented on how much taller and straighter I am.

He congratulated me on toughing out what he described as 'hell'. He made no secret of how severe the pain is and that even for him this was major and complex surgery. In fact, he brought tears to my eyes when he acknowledged just how tough it has been.

He is very concerned that I am not sleeping as this will be making everything worse and so- as hoped for- he came up with a few suggestions:

  • We're going to double the slow release morphine in the evening, which should mean I don't wake up and need 'top-ups'. Sorry- no more midnight blogs/emails/messages
  • We're going to introduce some slow release anti inflammatory drugs twice a day
  • As soon as possible, I will be starting hydrotherapy at Stanmore hospital- I'm so excited, I can't wait!
From the Wellington, we went to my GP who patiently wrote out the prescriptions. Then on to the chemist, who surprisingly had everything in stock- I think he's starting to see me coming!

Thank you all for your good luck messages for today and for your texts asking how things went. Most of all, thanks to Dave for typing this for me. Hopefully speak to you later.

Lots of love,



  1. Great news Linda. Thanks Dave for the update. Keep going girl. Missing you. xx

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  3. So pleased it went well Linda and I hope the tweaks in the treatment improve things for you. Glad he told you what we've all been thinking - that you are amazing for going through this. Sleep well xXx

  4. That sounds like great news. A few good nights of sleep could make all the differnce to the way you feel. Well worth the long trip.
    Take care Julie x

  5. This is all fantastic news! Had our fingers crossed for you all day! So happy to hear this. xxx

  6. Great news all round Linda. Glad to hear that your pain and tough journey is acknowledged, and hooray for a plan to help you get the much needed sleep. I'm still up in Suffolk until Saturday, having some quality time with my mother. xxx

  7. aaaahhhhhhh hydrotherapy mmmmmmmm enjoy. I had a broken back years ago and after 3 months in a full plaster cast they let me go to hydro therapy... I still remember how good that felt!!!

  8. So pleased for you Linda.You are a very brave lady!
    Im sure once you get some better sleep you will come on in leaps and bounds.Keep up the good work.