Saturday, 27 March 2010

Never been quite so relieved...

First of all the good news is somehow I got around 7 hours sleep last night. No idea how this happened - though I was pretty shattered and hadn't napped in the afternoon/evening which may have helped I guess.

Woke at 7.30am and made a supreme effort to eat/take pills/shower/dress/make up etc etc and get to the pharmacy for 9am. Phew - will I be exhausted later! Sat down with the pharmacist to explain the nightmare issue described in yesterday's blog - without managing not to cry. She was very kind, said she would go check the computer and be back soon.

You've guessed it? Thirty seconds later she emerged with the morphine. It had been dispensed and I guess placed in the controlled drugs cupboard - not placed in my bag or given to me. The relief was totally overwhelming, I cannot begin to describe how I felt when I knew that I now had enough decent pain relief to see me through the week.

We bought some croissants and pain au chocolat (the co-op does these suprisingly well...) and came back to bed. Important appointment at 11.30 so maybe blog a bit more later. I'm thinking perhaps today's outing could be to Asda and suspect Ian may need a little persuading that this is "A good idea" Bless - he'd prefer to wander round a garden centre looking at bags of grit and topsoil - guess it's our differences that bring us closer huh?

Can feel I am rambling - look forward to hearing from you all soon. Much love as ever.

Linda x


  1. What a relief, hope it does the trick and helps you keep the pain until control. If you are ever stuck for a lift for your hydrotherapy sessions let me know i'd be only too pleased to help out.

    Take care Linda.
    julie x

  2. Thank goodness Linda - I have wondering about you all morning !!xx

  3. Phew! Glad you've got the morphine.

    By April my job will have settled down, and after that I should only be working 3 days a week - not the 7 (but feels like 8 or even 9!!) days at the mo. Free on Thursday and Fridays - want a lift to Hydro?


  4. I was thinking about you Linda and im so relieved that you have it sorted out now.
    Great that you have had some decent sleep-things will just get better and better im sure!