Wednesday, 3 March 2010

One month ago tonight...

we went out for dinner at Carluccios

I cannot deny how surprised we were to spend our evening in such a way - and with all the children (except, sadly, Rachel) joining us too. Having checked in - sorry - been admitted - there was little to do except wait around for the big event, so the suggestion we pass time eating and drinking well was gratefully accepted.

Fast forward and what a long way we have come. I'm not about to summarise here - that's what the blog is for so if you have missed out why not stick the kettle on, make a nice cup of tea and catch up!

Yesterday was definitely a better day so thank you to everyone who acknowledged that. Today was good too - but in a slightly different way! Lovely Jemma popped round and and attended to some of those needs we ladies usually spend time (and money) on in a salon somewhere. Instead, in the luxury of my own home I have clear soft fuzz free legs as well as my perfectly pedicured tootsies ;-) Thank you!

We then had a lot of fun preparing my present for the lovely nurses who looked after me at the Wellington Hospital. As I was leaving I overheard them say something about the lovely gifts of chocolates they receive being delicious but calorific. I therefore decided it would be a nice treat instead to fill a chocolate box with some lower calorie treats and smellies. Jemma helped me wrap up lots of small and sample sizes of products so that they looked really pretty - any nurses reading this blog turn away now and I will bring them in on 11th March! Again thanks Jemma for your help and a nice girlie chat ;-)


I'd decided to try and watch a DVD this afternoon but having problems as this netbook doesn't have the software. My work laptop doesn't have the drive. And my Macbook is too heavy and pulled something - ouch :-( I dozed instead before Pauline popped in for a cuppa - these rituals are becoming very important!

Ian cooked a delicious supper, then it was a bit of tv and now blog and bed. Another day gone in a blur. Oh - almost forgot - thank you Helen for the spectacular bouquet - so so beautiful.

I've barely slept today and long to sleep tonight so will leave it here and hope to see you in the morning... (dream on......)

Ian's back to work tomorrow. Mum popping 0ver for some lunch - let's hope the sun shines.

Take care everyone

Linda xx


  1. Hey Linda

    I finally read through your whole blog (three cups of tea)and I just wanted to send you some virtual *hugs* and say I'm hoping for sunshine in your day tomorrow

    Wendy x

  2. Amazing that its over a month already. Glad to see some better days corresponding with the sun coming out xx

  3. Finally figured out how to connect my gmail to blogger ;)

    Hopefully one of lifes smaller mysteries solved!

    Truly/Wendy aka TrulyRambunctious/Wendy Forder