Friday, 26 March 2010

Not such a good day...

A pretty awful day in fact. I ached all over, all day. The pain reminded me of just post-op, when I was being turned in HDU (ouch!) and didn't know what to do with myself.

We thought of all the possible reasons - Ian in particular is a solutions sort of person. Maybe a little too many walks this week? Steep hill to the Cafe? Too much time trying on clothes in M and S? The usual muscles/nerves healing and settling thing? We went and bought Tiger Balm on Rachie's recommendation - about to give it a try.

It wasn't till late this afternoon that I figured out I probably forgot to take the slow release anti-inflammatory (Voltarol - that I love to hate) this morning. Ouch - if that's what it is like then the thought of stopping it any time soon is not something I'm relishing...

Then I got the long awaited call from Stanmore re the hydrotherapy. Or so I thought. Actually it is an appointment for an assessment - on land - and not until 16th April. Not worth taking my cossie then and have to say I'm disappointed it's not sooner. We'd hoped to get at least a few sessions in before Ian goes back to work as of course he is my main source of transport (even the shuttle bus from the tube is out of action apparently :-( )

The final straw however was when I came to sort out my pills for the coming week. It's not a job I particularly enjoy (breaking all those little foil bubbles plays havoc with my fingernails) but I am very organised. I have all the drugs on a little chart and methodically pop them into the correct little boxes so that when it is time to take my pills they are there lovingly waiting for me without me rummaging in various bags and boxes.

Disaster - there is no morphine for the coming week. How this has happened I have no idea. Two options I guess - error on the script or error in dispensing. I can't see how the error is mine other than I didn't get all the boxes out in the chemist shop and calculate how many I needed to see me through to my next appointment on Thursday - should I have done? I will do next time for sure...

Sod's law it is Friday, and neither the 1st nor the 3rd Saturday tomorrow so no surgery open. Guess we go along to the pharmacy and explain the situation but my big fear is I'll not be able to get hold of any more. For good reason these are controlled drugs - I assume we'll need to get hold of the on call doctor and persuade them to write a script for morphine when they know little of me (though my scars and x rays may help of course...)

Added problem of course is pharmacies don't generally stock Class A drugs as we have discovered - they need to be ordered in. And in the UK it generally works best not to be sick at the weekend if possible - things seem to slow down and I am scared even if we do get the script no one will be able to fill it. Last time we had a problem like this Sarah called round all the large pharmacies in the district and no one could help.

So - I can't help feeling apprehensive (for that read **** scared) at what the weekend may bring if we cannot get hold of the little brown pills. I guess we can up the dihydrocodeine again and there is still some Oromorph hanging around (bring on the oral thrush :-( ) but I reckon I will be climbing the walls. Definitely something for the prayers and positive thoughts please - that the pharmacist will have a little box sitting there with my name on it that he forgot to pop in the bag maybe? Or if not that we can get hold of a sympathetic doctor, a script, and a pharmacy with the stuff in stock...

That's kind of it for today. Dave really wanted me to blog about my new clothes and how dressing nicer makes you feel better - reckon he's been checking out the Teddies! But just now the only thing on my mind is p-a-i-n and how to prevent it.

Hope all of you lovely people have had a good week and that the weekend is a sunny one for you in every way possible. Clocks go forward - one less hour of pain (does it work like that...?!)

Sleep well


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