Sunday, 7 March 2010

What happened to Saturday...?

I'm not quite sure where yesterday went. That may sound like a very silly thing to say - though bearing in mind the amount of drugs I am on perhaps it is not surprising. But what did I do and why didn't I blog?!

I think I spent most of the morning asleep again- and at the risk of repeating myself I have decided not to worry about this or try to stay awake and sleep better at night. If my poor bashed about body fancies a bit of a rest then why deny it the opportunity? That may account for the morning but what about the afternoon...?!

Ah yes - I did go for a walk. Quite a long walk in fact - right around the block. Then lovely Marjorie popped in for tea and a chat and even prayed for me. Marjorie has been an honorary member of our family for as long as I can remember - she saw me through college, David's birth and growing up and used to frequently let herself in here and wade through a pile of ironing whilst I was in a lecture (with Dave under my desk - a long and different story for those of you that did not know me in those days...!)

I'd actually been brave enough to invite a few of the girls round for a drink yesterday evening (mine's a fizzy water...) as Ian was out with Paul at the O2. However everyone seemed to be busy and maybe that wasn't such a bad thing in the end. The walk and the visit completely wiped me out and all I wanted to do was sleep - again! Lovely Lara did drop by so I could say hello to my favourite little man (and so he could see his Teeny Tiny Teddy - thank you so much Callum for letting him stay with me till I feel better...) but perhaps I'd been overly optimistic thinking I would have the energy fora girlie get together ;-(

As ever Dave really knows how to make Saturday night an event so he organised a great Indian takeaway to be shared in front of Casualty. My current obsession with hospital soaps and dramas is definitely something to discuss! The food was delicious but that was it - a full tummy and I was asleep even before bedtime pills - maybe that's why I didn't blog? I woke in the night as Ian returned from a great gig - the Dave Matthews Band - and seem to recall lights and tv were still on - oops there goes my carbon footprint :-(

But this blog was never about documenting every detail of every day, so in some - no many - ways - does it really matter that I missed a day? I was wondering again just now about why I am blogging - and funnily enough at the moment I am back to just wanting it as a personal record of the journey. I'm quite excited about reading it all through in six months time as I guess it will quite an interesting story!

But I am also really excited about all the friends - old and new - sharing the journey. I just had a visitor - a very dear friend - and his having followed the blog made our conversation so much easier as we laughed over some of the incidents that even I had forgotten but he remembered. Did I really blog about the weight of the screws?! It meant too that he had seen the photos and could see it was all worthwhile. Still had the fun of standing up and shocking him with my extra two inches though!

One lovely new friend I have made is Simone and it seems only right that I share her own blog and Facebook group here...

Simone has a lot more knowledge and experience than I do and is a great person to turn to when I have questions - so anyone following me because you are considering surgery may also find Simone's extensive website a valuable source of information and advice. Highly recommended - go take a look and sign up!

Well all this blogging has made me snoozy so bye for now and look forward to hearing from you all soon.

Linda xxx

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