Thursday, 4 March 2010

The Teddies....

...have been pestering me - I think they are feeling neglected. I will have a word with them all and get back to you later with an update from them.
Meanwhile - lovely to wake up to so many comments on the blog - thank you! Just one teensy problem and I am embarrassed to admit it...
When I click though to find out who you are, sometimes you have no profile. This means I have your Blogger "nickname" and, if you have signed your post, I also have your first name. Thing is though, I know quite a lot of people with the same first name (Sarah for example, Helen, Wendy...)
Obviously I do want to be sure I know who it is that is posting so if you've not already done so please could you update your profile, put a clue in your post, or maybe just le me know what your nickname is!
Thanks all you lovely people - and btw such a shame the night wasn't as sleep-full as expected, going to speak to my GP today about sleepies :-(
Have a good day
Linda xxx


  1. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed our chat.
    I hope I will be as brave as you have been.

  2. So lovely to hear things are getting better for you Linda, you are doing so well. Like Sarah (above) I hope I can be brave too
    Lynn x