Wednesday, 24 March 2010


The days fly by so quickly. I guess that's inevitable when you spend so much of them asleep. I've just woken up after another three hour "nap" and I know that sounds daft when sleeping at night is such a struggle. But what is the alternative? It's not like I snuggle up and think to myself "let's spend the afternoon asleep". I lie here on my back - as I do much of the time - and after a little while my eyes grow heavy ad I can feel myself nodding off and that's it - next thing I'm waking up - at least one day further away from the op and hopefully one day closer to less pain...

Slight change in routine today. Rather than nap this morning I forced myself to get showered and dressed early enough to go for a walk with Ian and Sarah before she left to go home. Walked all the way to Cafe Amici which for the locals amongst you will know involves a fair amount of hill walking. Arrived early enough to claim the comfy sofa - this is becoming a habit - and enjoyed a cup of tea and bite to eat. Ian opted for scrambled eggs - not sure why at first (he's more of a coffee and muffin guy usually) but then it occurred to me that he is obviously determined to perfect his own version and overtake Dave as my Mastereggchef. Apparently these were fluffier than his own so he'll be practising - I can see egg wars breaking out Chez Anderson this weekend...

Writing this short paragraph has - as ever - taken a ridiculously long time. At least we're just a few minutes away from some more painkillers. The reduced dose is incredibly obvious no matter how much I try to pretend to myself it shouldn't make much difference. Roll on 8pm and the morphine - when - as Sarah says - I may start to talk nonsense but at least I stop whingeing!

One final piece of news - Nigel (the Teddy) has his new jumper. It just needs a little bit of sewing up the sides - too much like a hospital gown at the moment. Will try to finish and get a photo on here - I realise it's rather a text heavy blog so have just taken a look through my phone and found a rather fetching photo from yesterday of Keegan getting to know Sarah which I will leave you with - enjoy!

Much love and do keep writing - seriously - your messages keep me sane and the cards brighten the bedroom. I love hearing from you and it's been great to renew contact with some old(er) friends - thank you.


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  1. Glad you enjoyed the walk. Good luck mediating in the egg wars. Hx