Sunday, 21 March 2010

Keep on keeping on...

...that seems to be the general message from all you lovely people who keep messaging me in response to the blog. I'm not sure if there are still issues commenting or if you are just shy but either way thank you - your support means so much and I feel a lot less lonely with you all there.

Today it is not the rib pain but the scapula pain that is driving me insane. I think I could write a poem there - but let's not bother. Suffice to say it hurts in a scarily horrible fashion. Heat (oh how I love my hot water bottle) and rest seem to be the only way to get any relief - I am hastily typing this whilst waiting for the pain to start again and cause me to stop. GP tomorrow for discussion re analgesia and fearful she will wish to reduce drugs when pain barely controlled - another one for prayers and positive vibes please...

I wrote a few more letters today. It is possible yours is in the pile on my dressing table. Sadly I am missing a lot of postal addresses so it could be a challenge getting them to you but I've overcome a few challenges in the past few weeks so what's this one? I have faith in the power of Google/Facebook/Christian Aid/ the good old grapevine - I will get your letter to you somehow!

I heard from someone this weekend who for various beautifully expressed reasons is closing their Facebook account and thinks perhaps they are "analogue" rather than "digital." I wonder if perhaps I am a little bit like that. I've really enjoyed replying to your lovely cards with pen and paper - though I am appalled at how bad my handwriting has become. I'm not quite ready to give up on Facebook - but not that far from it maybe...

Other than that today's highlight was a trip back to the Garden Centre for more Pond Repair supplies. The pond is drained, repaired, refilled, thank goodness. Apparently Keegan was a huge help and had lots of fun finding the frogs - I don't want to know any more thank you.

Just had dinner - worthy of mention as definitely enjoying food more (assuming yesterday was a blip...). Maybe lack of Oromorph, maybe Ian getting familiar with Jamie ...? Settled in bed now with plenty of tissues ready to watch the tribute to Stephen Gately. Boyzone, Westlife and Robbie on the same bill (and Bono it is rumoured...). I'm sure some of you have opinions about my musical and viewing tastes - please feel free to keep them to yourself just for the moment if that's okay? Thanks :-)

Right - pain has kicked in along with Ronan's opening vocals so will say goodnight for now. Look forward to hearing from lots of you soon...

Linda xxx


  1. Hi Linda
    You are sounding so much better even though I know you are still in a lot of pain. Good luck with your appointment tomorrow, I imagine it's scary handing over that control to a GP when it's hard to imagine that a he/she will have any idea of the degree of pain you are suffering. Surely getting off the oromorph will be enough for now! We both have heard from the SSO site how important it is to have adequate analgesia so as to be able to keep mobile. Keeping everything crossed for you :)
    lynn x

  2. you ignore all the comments about your musical taste you want - my reply when someone walks in the office and sniggers to find me listening to Geri, Kylie, Supertramp, and more is that they're my ears and I'll fill them with what I want thank you!

    glad you're enjoying food a bit more - maybe the cooks are getting better ;-)
    I hope the... erm... ancillary problem.... resolves soon - painkillers and immobility can cause terribly painful unmentionable probelsm to which you've alluded most gracefully in the past.

    keep on keeping on chuck!
    I know it still hurts more than most of us can imagine - but you are sounding a bit brighter :-)