Saturday, 20 March 2010


Good morning,

I stayed awake till late watching Sports Relief online. I had no idea you could watch TV on the laptop with headphones - thanks for that Dave! wish I had known a few weeks ago but never mind, hopefully a few less nights ahead of lying in the dark listening to Ian asleep and wishing somehow I could find my own way to Dreamland.

Determined to blog today but not sure why. Not going to rush it - have twenty minutes now before an "appointment" (detail not for the faint hearted...) and out of interest I have my newest most favourite hot water bottle tucked under my right arm. The heat is easing the pain slightly but holding the bottle there is also stopping me moving my arm which is again helping a wee bit. I can feel the stabbing pain in my scapula still - that was there pre-op. A bit disappointing if that's not going anywhere - perhaps something for you prayerful and positive vibing people. Thanks.

Obviously I've not blogged properly for a week or so. Thanks to those who have reminded me to look after number one (So tempted to chuck in a number two joke there - let's not...) and not worry about updating you all. Thing is though, I still feel like when this is all over I want to sit down with a nice glass/bottle/magnum of champagne and read it from start to finish to remind myself where we have been. Even looking back a few weeks I should be able to see some progress - so I want to keep on top of this. The thing is - last week was just so absolutely ghastly and it is quite difficult to work out why.

Maybe it is okay just to draw a line and accept it was rubbish, rather than wear myself out trying to decide on the reason. So many possibilities - drugs, constipation (oh we do rather keep coming back to that - sorry...), boredom, rubbish TV, pain, whatever... fact is I hope this week is a bit better and I hope I don't have another week like last one.


A brief interlude there. The laptop crashed and we popped out for the "appointment". The exciting news just now is that Ian's making scrambled eggs on toast a la Jamie Oliver. Do I detect a touch of male competition Chez Anderson these days? Since's Dave's Mother's Day miracle I've enjoyed a considerable number of interesting and tasty meals - are they vying for Masterchef? Have to say though - at the risk of offending the others - Paul popped in on Thursday and his Vegetable Lasagne really was rather marvellous. Practice I guess.

So - how to sum up the week. Would be a shame not to have on record for example the trip to a couple of Garden Centres on Thursday. Thought we needed a new pond liner but great news (and huge thanks to the staff there...) it is patch-able. Hoorah. The thought of emptying the pond, keeping the fish away from Keegan, patching the liner, re-filling etc etc etc sounds like a whole load of fun - doesn't it...?

We also bought seed potatoes and various veg seeds and stuff for the vegetable patch. Hard to look back and think this time last year I was out there digging it over, planning and planting (well - almost). This year gardening, along with everything else, will be a spectator sport only :-(

We also paid a visit to the Aquadrome in Ricky. What this and the Garden Centre we stopped at have in common is a tea shop. These places seem to be springing up everywhere. It is no longer possible to simply go to a shop, for a walk, to a DIY emporium, a Garden Centre, to stock up on paint and paper or pea sticks and compost. Everywhere you go these days you are enticed to buy tea/cappucino and "home made" cakes (at whose whom exactly are they made I ask myself.....)


Another interlude. After the eggs (very good by the way - well done Ian -perhaps a touch more seasoning next time....?) I slept. For three hours. How is it possible to sleep so much? I know that less sleep during the day should equate to more sleep during the night but it just doesn't work like that. Sleep needs to be grabbed when it offers itself and this afternoon I gratefully succumbed to three hours with no pain and no rugby...

Then we popped to Waitrose - which makes my earlier post out to be a lie. No coffee shop. Thank goodness! It takes me long enough to walk around a supermarket as it is without the distraction of coffee and cake. When you have spent six weeks trapped within four walls supermarket shelves can be a source of huge interest you know. Ian trudged along behind me with the trolley until I realised the trolley can in fact be a zimmer frame in disguise and stole it from him. Which meant we took even longer as I was more easily able to inspect and deliberate and try to decide what I might fancy. Turns out it's jacket potato and salad for dinner again but at least I did inspect the options - my taste buds just aren't what they used to be. Has to be said though they have improved since I stopped using Oromorph - that seemed to be the main cause of the oral thrush too. Good job too as we only have a dozen or so value toothbrushes left...

Well all the excitement and the blogging and now the news via text from my mum that Daniel Craig is on TV tonight have quite worn me out. I'm cheating anyway - writing this flat on my back which is problematic even if it means my arm hurts less. What happened to my touch typing skills? I remember just after the op telling the anaesthetist that they seemed to have gone - hoping still it is drug related and I won't have to re-learn :-(

Dinner will be here soon - rather than another interlude let's call it a day. This is a pretty long blog after a rather barren week. Just a final very Happy Birthday wish to my lovely friend Lara. Wish I were dancing the night away at the party - or at least sipping my first glass of champagne - but now I am starting to sound like Liesl....

Au revoir...

Linda xxx

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  1. Glad you're blogging again, as from what you said yesterday I know you find it a release. Look after yourself, and if it helps at all, there are far worse people to turn into than Liesl. After all then you'd get Julie Andrews as a step-mum.... Hx